Trolling For Hope

July 5, 2020 – July 26, 2020

When the world fills you with fear, anxiety, and heartache, sometimes it’s hard not to fall into the same trap in your attitude towards others! How are we supposed to have hope when it feels so hopeless?! Join us for this series about “trolling” for the right things.

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How To Deal With Trolls

July 5, 2020 | John Hill

Trolls are everywhere, and here’s a secret, everyone is a troll! Check out this message from Pastor John where he gives us applicable ways to recognize and combat the trolls within us and around us.

How To Not Be a Troll

July 12, 2020 | John Hill

In this message, Pastor John shows us the three traits that we need to not be trolls! Check it out now!

Family Reunion

July 19, 2020 | John Hill

In this message, Pastor John shows us that it isn’t about what we are doing, it’s about who we are throughout all the things that we do. Check it out now!

How To Persuade People

July 26, 2020 | John Hill

In this final message of our “Trolling For Hope” series, Pastor John teaches us how to lovingly persuade those we disagree with without being a troll!