Life Groups

At First Church, we believe that people need other people. We all go further in our faith when we get together. It’s difficult to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships if all we do is attend a weekend service. For that reason, we encourage you to join one of our Life Groups where you can regularly be with a group of five to fifteen people who care about you, who share life with you, and who can help you grow in your faith.

Life Groups (Small Groups) are one of the best ways to get connected at First Church. We have groups of all ages and stages that meet from weekly to monthly, usually for an hour or so. Many have childcare, and there are some available on nearly every day of the week.

You can find a life group right on the website! You’ll be able to filter by location, group type, days of the week and your age!



Sisterhood is a time where the women of this community can come together to connect to Jesus and to one another. First Church’s Sisterhood exists to gather, build up and empower women to be all that Jesus has called them to be in their home, their workplace, the church and beyond! No matter what stage of life you are in or the beliefs that you hold, you are invited to join the ladies of First Church to help discover all that Jesus has equipped you to be as a woman!

For women 11 years and older. Free childcare provided.

Guatemala Missions

First Church sends teams to Guatemala for different types of mission trips.

We work with Casas por Cristo to to build a house (no building experience needed!) for a family that was chosen by a local pastor in their community.

We work with Hunger Relief International where we can build latrines and/or deliver cookstoves and water filters to those in the mountains, as well as visit a local school in the community we minister to.

Most importantly, in both types of trips, we serve because of Jesus’ love for us and for those we are serving. Our goal is that the good news of Jesus Christ is proclaimed through our words and actions to the families we meet.

First Church is devoted to creating a better future and seeing eternities changed in Guatemala. We can’t wait to see what God has planned!