About First Kids

We are dedicated to leading generation after generation to become fully devoted followers of Jesus! We do this through age-appropriate Biblically based lessons, games, crafts, and songs. First Kids is a foundational building block to your children’s future and faith!

We believe discussions with our kids about God can happen throughout our everyday and that both theological depth and fun must exist for these conversations to happen! We have created 20 questions to help make starting those conversations as easy as possible, and we hope you’ll start TODAY!

You can finish your heart anytime before the end of the year, and when you do, turn it in at the Kids Check-In Desk for a special prize for your whole family!

What is something that God made that
you love with your whole heart?
If you could ask God any question what would it be?
READ Psalm 147:4 When God was naming the stars, what names do you think He may have chosen?
God wants us to love Him with our whole heart, what are ways we can do that?
CHALLENGE: God is a wholehearted God. Go out of your way to show wholehearted love this week. Examples: Do someone else's chores for them, clean up the house without being asked, stop and pray with somebody, pay for somebody behind you in the drive-through line and give an invite to church.
What do you think Jesus liked to play when He was your age?
READ John 2:9a: One of Jesus miracles was turning water into wine. If Jesus could change your water into any flavor, what would it be?
What do you think it was like to be friends with Jesus?
What or who do you think made Jesus laugh the most?
CHALLENGE: Jesus was the BEST friend. Being a great friend means doing something someone else wants to do (even though it might not be your favorite thing). Go out of your way this week to do something or watch something that may not be your favorite, but you know would bring someone else joy.
If you could perform any miracle from the bible what would it be?
If you could watch a movie with the real play-by-play of a Bible story, which one would you choose?
READ Matthew 18:3-4: Who from the Bible are you most excited to meet in heaven?
If you could live in and experience a Bible story in person, which one would you choose?
CHALLENGE: Commit to reading your Bible every day this week and pick a reward if you actually complete this challenge! Examples: movie night, game night, ice cream out as a family
What do you think the houses in heaven are like - could they have water slides, laser tag, or ice skating rinks?
When we have a feast in heaven with Jesus, what do you hope we eat?
What do you think makes Heaven special?
READ Psalm 84:10a: What’s the best day you’ve ever had? How might that day be even better in heaven?
CHALLENGE: We want those we love to be in heaven with us. Commit to praying together as a family every day for somebody you love to come to know Jesus.
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What will my child be doing in First Kids?

In First Kids we offer a variety of rooms for ages 0 – 5th grade that include biblically-based lessons, games, play time, snacks, and crafts tailored to their age group!

Is there a registration for First Kids?

Yes! You can either register here or you can fill out the form when you arrive at First Kids! There will be a volunteer available to help you every step of the way.

I have a child that needs adaptive learning, where do they go?

We do offer an Adaptive Learning room. Our Adaptive Learning room is based off a buddy system so please contact us before you arrive so we can ensure to have the correct staff to help as needed! Fill out the form below so we can best help you!

How do I check into First Kids?

When you arrive you will be greeted by our check in team. They will help you register if you haven’t already and print out custom name tags for your family.

What happens if my child needs me during service?

When they check in each child receives a unique code. We will use this code to page you via our screens in the auditorium if your child needs you! We will also send a follow up text if needed!