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Make Your Choice

What do you do when someone you care about is deconstructing their faith or you’re not sure what you believe? In this Pastor John Hill discusses how to navigate this and the role you can play!

April 28, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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1. Has your faith in God ever been dependent on the blessings of God? How did this effect your relationship with God?

2. Where do you see society and culture try to change the teaching of Jesus to match the culture? How does this hurt people?

3. Pastor John identified three key reasons people deconstruct:

    1. God doesn’t give them what they wanted

    2. They couldn’t agree with God’s teaching

    3. They this God’s teaching is weird

            Of these three things, which is the hardest for you to overcome/understand?

4. Based on what media you consume, are you putting yourself in a vulnerable position spiritually?

5. At each crisis in life and in faith, we have to decide who we are going to be. Talk about a time when you had to decide who you are going to be spiritually.