Deconstructing Christianity

April 7, 2024 – May 5, 2024

Get to the bottom of what you believe.

Whatever your beliefs are, you are invited to join us as we discuss some of the most challenging conversations and topics in Christianity! If you’ve ever wondered if God really does love everyone or why God lets bad things happen, then you won’t want to miss out on this teaching series.

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5 Lies About The Bible Proven Wrong

April 7, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

There are five lies that our culture or popular secular media will try to say about the validity of the Bible and our faith. The truth is so much better: The Bible is backed by data, science, and history! Once you know the truth, you can’t deny it and this message is full of truth about God’s word!

What To Do When The Church Hurts You

April 14, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Church hurt is a type of hurt and pain that cuts deeper than most experiences. It can cause us to feel unwelcome, unappreciated, or even to fall away all together. It’s not meant to be that way and there is hope if you’ve been hurt by the church! Check out this message from pastor John Hill for encouragement, hope, and …

How To Fix Insecurity

April 21, 2024 | Daniel Stidham

Insecurity is a symptom of a deeper problem that can affect us in any season of life. We can overcome insecurity by remembering God’s truth! In this message, our guest, Pastor Daniel Stidham, gives an encouraging message about the hidden truths in insecurity!

Make Your Choice

April 28, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

What do you do when someone you care about is deconstructing their faith or you’re not sure what you believe? In this Pastor John Hill discusses how to navigate this and the role you can play!

Firm Foundation

May 5, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

There are two key foundations to Jesus’s teaching and they might be different from what you’d expect! In this message Pastor John teaches on two foundational truths that have the power to bring you through the storms of life with a faith that lasts.