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What To Do When The Church Hurts You

Church hurt is a type of hurt and pain that cuts deeper than most experiences. It can cause us to feel unwelcome, unappreciated, or even to fall away all together. It’s not meant to be that way and there is hope if you’ve been hurt by the church! Check out this message from pastor John Hill for encouragement, hope, and ultimately, healing!

April 14, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  • Why do you think church hurt is different than other types of hurt in your relationships? 
  • Talk about a time in your life that you lost faith in God’s plan, goodness, and sovereignty. 
  • When have you seen God use hurt in your life for your good and His glory? 
  • Which is more challenging for you, to confront someone who has hurt you in love or to forgive them? Why is it important that you do both? 
  • Talk about a time that God refined you through your hurt and how it has blessed your life.