Videos / The Apostle Paul: Part 1

The Apostle Paul: Part 1

WHAT’S GOOD BROS?! Welcome to BroDown Theology, a series where you can learn more about God, even if you don’t like reading!

This season we are learning about Paul, the Apostle. Strap in as Super John takes all the way back to the beginning of Paul’s story!

September 12, 2022 | Pastor John Hill
Apostle Paul

What to Read

Acts 8:1-3 and Acts 9:1-4

Discussion Questions
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1. What about Paul’s history surprised you? 

2. How have you seen American society struggling with rules over relationship with each other? 

3. How has following Jesus changed the way that people treat you and the way you treat others? Can people around you tell that you are a Christian? 

4. In what ways is God using your mistakes from your past for His glory now?

5. Lots of people judged Paul for his past, but God redeemed it. Who are some people in your life who you might’ve judged who God can or is redeeming? 

6. God is a God of second chances, who is somebody you can give a second chance to this week? Ask your group for wisdom if that is a good idea.