Videos / The Apostle Paul: Part 2

The Apostle Paul: Part 2

WHAT’S GOOD BROS?! Welcome to BroDown Theology, a series where you can learn more about God, even if you don’t like reading!

This season we are learning about Paul, the Apostle. Strap in as we pick up right after Paul becomes a Christian!

September 19, 2022 | Pastor John Hill
Apostle Paul

What to Read

Acts 9:21-23 & Acts 11:22-26

Discussion Questions
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1. What was your life like after you chose to follow Jesus? Did you feel inspired to share Jesus with people around you like Paul did?

2. Talk about a time where you had to work to achieve a certain status or goal. How did God use your experiences from your past to prepare you for that role/responsibility?

3. Paul had to regain the trust of the christians around him, have you ever had to regain the trust of people close to you? How did you work toward rebuilding that relationship?

4. Which do you think you struggle more with: Tact or knowledge? Why do you think it is important for you to have and demonstrate both?

5. This week, how can you work to maintain healthy relationships with people around you? Ask God through prayer to help you accomplish this goal.