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The Key To Forgiveness

Ever wonder why it’s just so hard to give grace to others? In this message, Pastor John points out common reasons we might struggle to give grace! Don’t miss the final week of this series!

February 11, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  1. Talk about a time you received grace and you didn’t deserve it. What was your reaction? 
  2. How can you see our culture and society recede from the teachings of Jesus in terms of grace and forgiveness? 
  3. Pastor John identified four reasons we struggle to receive grace. Which do you connect with the most and how do you see it manifest in your life? 

                        1. We don’t believe we really need it 

                        2. We undervalue grace

                        3. We don’t believe God would really give us grace

                        4. We forget about it 

  4. If you found out you were dying in two weeks, what in your life are you sad God is calling you to do that you have not done yet?