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More Than Enough

We know that God specializes in underdog stories, but sometimes when we’re faced with impossible odds, it can be hard to remember. Our guest, Pastor Keith Robinson, brings us an awesome message that is sure to encourage you no matter what season or situation you find yourself in!

February 18, 2024 | Keith Robinsoon

Discussion Questions
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  1. How old were you when you started to experience dread? What did you dread? 
  2. Talk about a time when your dread blinded you from seeing a good future. 
  3. What percent of your life is driven by dread?
  4. Talk about a time you set your hope too low. What earthly things have you set your hope on that turned to dread after you got them? 
  5. The big challenge was to set your hope on the things of God. What are the things of God that you need to cling to and set your hope on this week?