Chasing Carrots

January 17, 2021 – January 31, 2021

If you’re always hungry for the next big thing but frustrated because it never seems to satisfy, it’s time to start chasing after something real!

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The Truth Behind What You’re Chasing

January 17, 2021 | Pastor John Hill

In this message, Pastor John reveals valuable truths about our motivations and  reasons for always seeking more. 

Chasing Approval

January 24, 2021 | Pastor John Hill

Approval is fleeting and unsatisfying, and yet we chase after it! In this message, Pastor John reflects on approval and gives us applicable thoughts on chasing after what really matters.

Chasing Comfort

January 31, 2021 | Pastor John Hill

Comfort can be found everywhere, but it’s not all that meets the eye. In this message, Pastor John describes 3 common lies about comfort, and gives us the truth found in the Bible!