Messages / Stranger Things: Prayer, Miracles, and the Supernatural

The Truth About Angels and Demons

We know from the Bible (and some of us from personal experience) that the supernatural is very real. But what does God say about it and how do angels and demons affect our lives? Check out this message that looks at some of the most frequently asked questions about the supernatural!

October 29, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  1. What part of the message did you leave thinking about the most and why?
  2. What misconceptions/misunderstanding did you have about angels, demons, and the supernatural? 
  3. The enemy wants to see us hurt and uses demons to lure us away from God. Which of the three main ways are you most susceptible to and why? (1. Deceiving through ghosts, 2. Deceiving us through False Religion, 3. Through temptation to sin) 
  4. What are ways that you have seen sin in your life start to ruin relationships? How has confession given you freedom from sin? 
  5. Where in your life have/do you struggle with leaving “Crumbs” out to attract demonic presence? What can you do practically this week to clean the crumbs?