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The King Always Wins

Jim Cicchese brings us a message about how we can invest our time and talents into God’s Kingdom and the reward that awaits us if we are faithful to serving the King of the Universe!

July 2, 2023 | Jim Cicchese

Discussion Questions
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Reflect on What You’ve Heard

  1. How do you use your time, talent, energy, money, etc. right now? Is it an “investment” in eternity or are you “spending” it on things that make you feel good now but won’t matter in the future?
  2. What would it look like for you to “fail” in earthly standards but succeed in heavenly standards?
  3. How has God redeemed something that you might have thought was hopeless or a failure into something that was good?
  4. Does it give you hope to know that the King (God) always will win in the end? How can you hope in God and live for the King this week.