Messages / Word of the Year 2024

How To Have A Generational Faith

It’s easy to say you want your family to continue following Jesus even after you’re gone and your children are grown, but how do we actually build a generational faith in our families? This message looks at the patterns of generations and how you can start to cultivate a faith in your family that withstands time!

January 7, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  1. What does a pioneering faith look like? 
  2. A pioneering focus looks like a passionate, unyielding focus to bring the Gospel to people around you, who in your life has that kind of faith? Do you have that kind of faith? 
  3. In what areas of your life have you seen the rules of 3 generations play out? 
  4. Based on the message which described a pioneering spirit, protecting spirit, and rebellious spirit, how would you describe your faith right now? How about the faith in the next two generations in your family? 
  5. Is your faith surrounded? What areas of your life do you struggle to practice the surround? 
  6. Talk about a time practicing the surround has brought you from darkness to light.