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Holy Hustle

Are you worn out and overwhelmed by the never ending to-do list and constant hustle? Learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do. In the midst of life’s demands, it’s possible to experience a life of peace and a holier kind of hustle.

October 10, 2022 | Kristin Hill

Discussion Questions
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Reflect on What You’ve Heard

1. What was your favorite part of the night at Sisterhood? Why?

2. Describe a time where you felt God’s presence in an undeniable way?

3. Identify which of the 3 major ‘junk foods’ robs you of God’s presence the most and why? i.e. phone/social media, hectic routines/commitments, and/or selfishness. 

4. Pinpoint and describe what that struggle looks like in your day-to-day life.

5. If you could get rid of one distraction from your day-to-day, what would you choose and why?

6. What would it look like for you to purposefully re-dedicate that area to Jesus this week?