November 26, 2023 – December 3, 2023

Being thankful feels great, but for a lot of us, we just don’t feel it that often. Fortunately, being thankful is more than a feeling… it’s an action, a choice, and a state of mind. In this special two-week series, we will learn how Jesus empowers us not just to feel thankful, but to BE thankful.

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Have Your Way

November 26, 2023 | Sam Hamstra III

Have you ever felt like God isn’t present in your circumstances? Like He sees you, but He hasn’t delivered you? This message is hope for you. Guest Pastor, Sam Hamstra brings encouragement and truth into whatever circumstances or unanswered prayers you’re facing today!

God’s Love Language

December 3, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

Matthew 22:36 says to “love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all you mind.” But what does that actually look like? This messages breaks down what it means to love God with everything and how you can grow in love for Him more!