Videos / The Apostle Paul Pt. 4

The Apostle Paul Pt. 4

WHAT’S GOOD BROS?! Welcome to BroDown Theology, a series where you can learn more about God, even if you don’t like reading!

This season we are learning about Paul, the Apostle! WARNING: Today we are talking about something near and dear to us bros. What you ask? Well, just watch as Paul experiences the decision that would alter Christianity FOREVER!!

October 25, 2022 | Pastor John Hill

What to Read

Acts 15: 1-11

Discussion Questions
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1. Why was Paul so adamant about circumcision? (It was more than just the pain)

2. What would have happened to Christianity if Paul had lost his argument?

3. Instead of circumcision and God’s Old Testament laws, how are we now saved?

4. Where and when did you first realize you could be saved by God’s grace through faith?