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How To Trust God With Your Dreams

How can you trust God with your dreams and does He really have something better in store for you? It can feel quite intimidating to trust that God will do what He says, but in this message, Pastor John Hill looks at the early years of Jesus’s ministry and reveals how we can all learn to trust God!

March 17, 2024 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  1. Talk about a time that you said “Yes” to Jesus and it changed your life. What might’ve happened if you had said no? 
  2. Talk about a time you said no to Jesus, but you know He was calling you to a yes. 
  3. In what ways are you tempted to follow Jesus for the “stuff” you can get from Him? How is this different than a wholehearted commitment to follow Him? 
  4. What dreams in your life do you need to trust Jesus with? How are these dreams holding you back from being a fisher of men? 
  5. Who will you invite to be a part of Easter this year?