Word of the Year 2023

January 8, 2023 – January 22, 2023

Each year our church picks a word that we want to explore, grow with, and focus on! Join us as Pastor John reveals the 2023 word of the year.

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Word of the Year 2023

January 8, 2023 | John Hill

Pastor John Hill reveals the 2023 word of the year! This message gives vision to the next year and encourages Christian’s to rise up and live wholeheartedly!

How to Feel God’s Presence

January 15, 2023 | John Hill

In week 2 of our “Word of the Year” series, Pastor John Hill brings a message about experiencing the presence of God and why a lot of Christians feel far from God! If you have ever wondered how to feel God’s presence, check out this message!

Taking Risks

January 22, 2023 | John Hill

In this message, Pastor John Hill has a teaching about taking risks. When nothing is ever certain and we have so many choices and opportunities available to us, how do we know when to act and what to do? If you’ve ever had to make a decision or take a …