Hey Parents! 

We believe in investing in kids and families at First ChurchWhile doing church online, we want to provide you with resources to help you engage in worship with your preschool and elementary aged children.  


What You Should Know 

We want to provide resources for your children to give YOU the opportunity to engage with the worship and message without distraction! Use these materials for your kids on Sundays while you are watching our live church services at first.church/live!  


First Kids Virtual Email! 

This is everything we do on a regular Sunday in First Kids! Each week we will post the Activity Pages below and email you the current lesson. In order to receive the weekly lessons, please sign up for the First Kids Virtual Email. 

How to Grow in Your Relationship with God and Your Kids 

  1. Sign up for our First Kids Virtual Email
  2. Open lessons via Email Sunday morning 
  3. Print/View Age Appropriate Activity Page (Post links to take home papers below) 
  4. Watch the Bible Story Video 
  5. Review the Story with your Family 


Want More Resources? 

Get free educational materials to help lead your child to become a fully devoted follower of Christ.  


Bible App for Kids

Right Now Media

YouTube Videos

Preschool/Kindergarten- The Jesus Story Book Bible

1st-5th Grade-NLT Hands on Bible

The Action Bible

Bible Resources

Please contact Elizabeth@First.Church or Toni@First.Church if you need any assistance.