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Hello ladies, prepare to be in your SISTERHOOD ERA!!! Being a young woman in this era (high school & college) is a challenge that should not be faced alone! I will be leading the high school/ early college Sisterhood life group. My goal for this group is for young women to develop a strong relationship with Jesus. Discuss topics like: body image, anxiety, and sisterhood just to name a few 😉. Sisterhood might sound familiar, right? First Church for the past couple years has hosted Sisterhood events in order to bring women of the community together and hear a biblical message that pertains to their life! My wish is that many young women will walk away with lasting friendships built on the foundation of Jesus!

What to expect:

1. We will meet in the Hebron Generations Room (the room with the big window and tv in it!) ✨

2. Chat for a few minutes (ice breakers)🫶🏻


4. Watch an episode of the Strong Roots Podcast!!! (How FUN?!)💕

5. Have a guided discussion regarding the topic discussed in the Podcast!🤩

(I would also like to have certain days that we watch a “Right Now” video, and have a “special guest” talk with you guys and have them give their testimony! I think it is so important and convicting to hear other people’s testimonies!)😌💕

✨I hope you’re as excited about this group as I am! The definition of “sisterhood” is as follows: a relationship between sisters, or a community of women linked by a common interest. Our interest: “Jesus” . I want this group to be a ✨SISTERHOOD✨, not just because that is our title. I want you to get more than just deep discussions out of this group, but find a community where you can lean on Jesus together now and lead others in the future to Jesus!



Bi-Weekly on Sundays at 6 pm

Community Type

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Campus Church

15 – 20

Kaitlyn Bruder

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