Nomination Ballot

Our church is going through the super important process of selecting our leaders for the next year. This process is SO critical because our Leadership Team really does make the most critical decisions for the future of our church. You can access a list of our owners HERE. Please prayerfully consider who to nominate and reach out with any questions about participating in this process. 

We are finally coming back into a new season of uncharted growth as a church after nearly two years of struggle with the pandemic. I’m so thankful to have a steadfast church family that has been with us through thick and thin. 

As you prayerfully think about who to nominate, I want to let you know some things we are praying for during this next season: 

● That God would bring wonderful new staff members to our church to bring our youth ministry to the next level as well as our social media and online church. 

● That God would fill our Wheatfield and Hebron churches so much that we will need to add more services by the end of 2022. 

● That God would use our church mightily so that we could see 60 baptisms this year. 

So excited about serving Jesus with you and thankful to be a part of the most wonderful church ever! 

Steadfast in Christ, 

Pastor John Hill 


Leadership Team:

Elder and Deacon 

Job Description:

  1. Be an example to the church as a soul winner and disciple maker.
  2. Bring wisdom, insight, and discernment to high-level decisions in the process of moving First Church towards its vision.
  3. Be a leader in bringing positive energy, momentum, and excitement.
  4. Oversee church finances.
  5. Attend monthly meetings.

*Please note that Ron Fieldhouse, Cory Good, Sally Hamstra, Rich Heemstra, Dan Lagestee, Mark Terborg, Starla Van Soest, and Jason Whitt are not up for election at this time.

*Spouses of those currently serving are not eligible to serve at the same time.

Nomination Team

Job Description:


  1.  Be passionate about disciple making and soul winning.
  2. Lead and execute nomination process for all areas.
  3. Move the vision and mission of First Church forward.


*Please note that Ron Fieldhouse, Cory Good, Sally Hamstra, Rich Heemstra, Dan Lagestee, Mark Terborg, Starla Van Soest, Jason Whitt are not up for election at this time.

*Immediate family members may not serve together.


Hey church,

One more thing: This year we would like you to consider ordaining Noah Felten, our Hebron Worship Director, as an elder. This is mainly to allow him to take on more sacerdotal duties (things like communion, baptisms, weddings, and funerals) at the church. He will not have a role on Leadership Team, though he will gain the special title of elder. If you see any reason why he should not be in this position, please contact me at Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 3 what exactly we should look for in a church leader. You might want to check it out as you think through the whole process this year. 

I think Noah definitely meets those qualifications. I’m excited to expand our team as we expand and grow as a church. Our Hebron efforts have made it clear that we need more elders for sacerdotal tasks. We would like to be able to do more baptisms and communion at both locations at the same time. This will definitely help with that. 

God is really blessing our church at all locations but especially at Hebron. I’m so thankful for your faith and generosity to make that work possible. It’s exciting to think that they can have Noah—who is up there every week and a part of so many of their faith stories—performing their weddings, baptisms, and professions with them. 

Thanks in advance for taking the time to nominate leaders. We are including a list of owners to help you decide. I can’t wait to see who God brings in to help us lead this wonderful church! 

Pastor John Hill