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Stay Accountable

Season 4 Episode 7
Check out the last episode of season 4 where Kristin and Kandis discuss why keeping accountable through an accountability partner is so important!

Accountability Questions:

  1. Are the “visible” you and the “real” you being consistent?
  2. What one sin plagued you this month?
  3. Have you committed any sexual sins or emotionally fantasized in the wrong way?
  4. Are you giving faithfully?
  5. Are you serving with excellence and a good attitude?
  6. Who did you invite to church or actively share your faith with this month?
  7. Who did you pursue for Jesus intentionally this month?
  8. Is there a healthy balance between work and home life?
  9. What significant thing did you do for / with your spouse / family?
  10. Did you accomplish your spiritual goals this month?
  11. Have you been dishonest in answering any of these questions?

December 18, 2019 | Kristin Hill with Kandis
Discipline | Encouragement | Sin