Overcoming __________.

“Overcoming _________________.”
Sundays, March 22-April 5, 2020
Social media, the news, and empty store shelves can all be overwhelming in a time of crisis, but they don’t have to be! Find out what Jesus and the Bible say about overcoming crisis in this special online series.

Discussion Questions

1. Who has your shepherd been? i.e. social media, retirement, health, kids, etc.
2. Has it been easy or hard to stay calm? Why? How does Jesus help you stay calm?
3. What paths are you walking down to get information? Are you focused on facts? Are they God’s facts or man’s facts? Are they God’s paths?
4. Have you been present emotionally with your family and the community or have you been living in and bringing fear?
5. Do you believe we will prevail against this? Do you focus on that victory? Are you praying for that victory?
6. Spend some time counting your blessings. List of five things you are really thankful for.