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To By For

Sam Hamstra brings a message about the calling of Christians. If you’ve ever wanted a clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, you don’t want to miss out on this message!

August 7, 2022 | Sam Hamstra

Discussion Questions
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Reflect on What You’ve Heard

  1. How would you define what it means to be a Christian?
  2. We aren’t called to teaching, obedience, or knowledge… we are specifically called to JESUS. Do you ever struggle with this mindset? What does it look like to live your life called to Jesus? 
  3. Who are people in your life who encouraged you to learn more about Christianity? How did they show you they had been called by Jesus? 
  4. What things do you live for? What does it look like to live your life for Jesus? 
  5. How can you live your life differently this week in light of our call to be to by for?