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The Destination of Christianity

In week two of our series in the Book of Acts, we look at the traditions, rules, or “things” that are important, but might distract us and leave us feeling disappointed. When we recognize the real destination of our faith we can find satisfaction, purpose, and life!

October 1, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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1. What “pitstops” do you tend to make your destination? (Ex. Scripture, Creation, end times, politics, health/wealth, Personal lives, marriage, houses, vacations, looks, Children etc.) 

2. In what way should “pitstops” encourage us and help us along the way to our destination (Eternity)? 

3. Why do you think it is easy to get distracted with pitstops and make those things our destination? 

4. How can you live this week remembering that your destination in eternity?