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Don’t Let The Devil Have a Seat At Your Table

If you find yourself always regretting the most wonderful time of the year… you need to hear this message! This message is for anyone who finds themselves feeling bad when times are good. Pastor John reveals BIG truths in his last message of 2021!

December 26, 2021 | Pastor John Hill
Holiness | Idolatry | Relationships | Sin | The Holy Spirit

Discussion Questions
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Reflect on What You’ve Heard

  1. In what ways you have seen Christians give the devil a seat at their table? How does it affect their life?
  2. What blessing do we miss out on when we allow the devil a seat at our table?
  3. Which of the 3 signs (reverting, feeling like a victim, and rebellion) are you most susceptible to?
  4. Does the devil have a seat at your table?
  5. What specific lies is the devil telling you at your table? Share & make a list.
  6. Make a list of Godly beliefs that are rooted in scripture that can get the devil up from your table.