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Churches are Like Trees

Have you ever wondered why different churches (and even different Christians!) have different rules, standards, or practices? This message brings light and clarity into why that is and how you can navigate your faith!

August 20, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

Discussion Questions
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  1. Have you ever encountered situations where you or someone you know turned a minor issue into a major concern? What were the consequences of doing that?
  2. In your experience, how do Christians sometimes struggle with distinguishing between essential theological issues and non-essential preferences?
  3. Can you think of examples where individuals or churches compromise on core biblical truths to gain acceptance from society or other groups? What do you think motivates such compromises?
  4. Have you ever seen situations where standing firm on important principles or beliefs has led to positive outcomes, even though it might have been unpopular at the time?
  5. How important are the roots (God’s people, God’s church, and God’s word) in sustaining your faith and relationship with God?
  6. What does the tree of your faith look like right now?
  7. What practical steps can you take to ensure that you remain deeply rooted in your faith and maintain a strong connection to God’s people, His church, and His word?