This is My Year

December 31, 2017 – January 21, 2018

Sundays, December 31, 2017 – January 21, 2017 || 9am | 10:30am | 6pm

Was 2017 everything you dreamed it would be? Or did your high hopes and resolutions end up falling short? The best is yet to come and this year can be the best year of your life.

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Take It Off

December 31, 2017 | Zachary Fraley

This New Year’s Eve you should celebrate by discovering what you can take off so that you can run faster and harder after Jesus.

Swing As Hard As You Can

January 7, 2018 | Pastor John Hill

Apple recently came out and said they were intentionally slowing down older iPhones. This seems like a rip off, and makes lots of us frustrated. But today, Pastor John puts it into perspective when we get used to having something so amazing in our day to day lives.

How to Find Passion for Life

January 14, 2018 | Pastor John Hill

Passion is so important. It comes from a sense of purpose and helps you set and meet goals to overcome obstacles in your life. Today, Pastor John helps you find your passion and use it to overcome.

Put Down The Crutch

January 21, 2018 | Pastor John Hill

Our Faith as Christians is important. Therefore, the cultivation of our Faith must be a daily thing and not only something we get once a week from our Pastors. Today, Pastor John reminds us that we are called to mature and act out our faith on a daily basis.