God With Us

December 9, 2018 – December 16, 2018

Having God with us empowers our lives. Because of Christmas, He is with us in every single moment of every single day. No matter what we are going through, the good or the bad, God is always there. Come celebrate all the ways God is moving through you and your community during this two-week series!

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Do We Really Care?

December 9, 2018 | Pastor John Hill

Often we don’t care about those who are choking on sin around us. Today, Pastor John reveals several reasons why we often miss hurting people around us and what we can do to improve.

What Is The Fear of God?

December 16, 2018 | Pastor John Hill

Often, we may hear others say that we have to have a proper “fear” of God, but what does that actually look like. Today, Pastor John shows us some clear examples of what the fear of God looks like.