Canceling Jesus

February 20, 2022 – March 13, 2022

We live in a society that wants to cancel a lot of things, and for Christians, it feels like society wants to cancel Jesus. But that’s nothing new…cancel culture came for him in the form of the cross 2000 years ago. In this series, we are talking about why Satan wanted to cancel Jesus and the secret truths you need to know that will change your life. 

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You WON’T believe what this Pastor said!

February 20, 2022 | Pastor John Hill

This message is not one you want to miss! Pastor John reveals the big reality of cancel culture. You need to hear this message!

I’m a Good Person

February 27, 2022 | Pastor John Hill

If you’re a “good person” then what is the big deal about sin? This message is all about answering that question and challenging the way that you look at yourself, look at others, and ultimately, the way you look at sin! Don’t miss out on the second week of “Canceling Jesus.”

Love VS. Hate

March 6, 2022 | Pastor John Hill

Pastor John Hill preaches a message that we know you need to hear. Every day, we know you face people who you disagree with, maybe even hate, but there is a better solution than canceling them. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not! Check out this message all about loving people you want to hate.

Overcoming Negativity

March 13, 2022 | Pastor John Hill

It seems sometimes like everything and everyone is out to get you and nothing goes your way, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way! Pastor John Hill brings a message that is inspiring, enlightening, and encouraging; change the way you think today!