Asking for a Friend

March 19, 2023 – April 2, 2023

Some people think faith means you just have to believe, no questions asked. But one of the best ways to grow your faith is by asking tough questions. Join us as we explore some common questions you may be wondering about, but are afraid to ask.

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How to Reach Your Friends for Jesus

March 19, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

Christians are called to make disciples, but sometimes we can get caught up in all of the other things and don’t actually ever reach our friends for Jesus! This message from Pastor John Hill describes the things that can easily distract and how to truly begin reaching your friends for Jesus.

Jesus Wants You on His Team

March 26, 2023 | Noah Felton

Check out this message from our Hebron Worship Director, Noah Felten. Noah’s teaching answers the question “What does it take to be a Christian?” in a way that is tangible, relevant, and challenging no matter where you are at in your faith journey!

Does Jesus Ever Get Mad At Me?

April 2, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

“Does Jesus get mad at me?” To be honest, this is a question a lot of people have wondered about. The events recorded in the Bible on Palm Sunday actually show us the answer! Check out this message from Pastor John to find out what makes Jesus mad.