A Faith that Lasts

May 21, 2023 – June 11, 2023

In a world of “live your truth,” it’s become difficult to trust the existence of “truth” at all. How does this apply to faith? And…is the Bible true? Having confidence in your answer can really impact your faith—and your life.

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God’s Authority

May 21, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

In this message, Pastor John Hill looks at the most important part of having a faith that lasts: God’s authority in your life. If you’re struggling to follow God in each area of life or you’re overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions, you want to check out this teaching!

Is Jesus Enough?

May 28, 2023 | Daniel Stidham

Pastor Daniel Stidham brings a compelling message discussing the sufficiency of Jesus… if you’ve ever wondered if Christ is truly enough, you will want to check out what Pastor Daniel has to say!

Living With Purpose

June 4, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

You were made on purpose and with a purpose by God! This message from Pastor John Hill is filled with biblical truth, conviction, clarity, and encouragement about what your purpose is and how you can begin to live it out today. Bring focus back into your relationship with God and with other’s!

Fixing Brokenness

June 11, 2023 | Pastor John Hill

It’s all too common to look at the world around us and see a society that seems so far from God… You might find yourself asking, “God, what are you going to do about this?” Pastor John Hill looks at the God’s word to help bring hope, clarity, and encouragement to the brokenness of this world.