relentless capital campaign

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we never stop

Part of being relentless as a church includes a new campus in Hebron, Indiana.
This page is dedicated to our capital campaign to make this campus happen.


we never stop

As our church family has grown, we have recognized that we are reaching our current building’s capacity. We considered making an addition to our current building, but found that it would be prohibitively expensive. We also recognized the fact that there is no church like ours in the town of Hebron. Because God calls us not to just stay but go and make disciples, we believe this to be the economical and wise obedience we can find in that call.

construction cost

we never stop

Current costs are estimated to be at $3,000,000 including building purchase. However, costs might change. We intend to have the construction drawings complete by the time we finish the capital campaign.

capital campaign

we never stop

This capital campaign provides us with an opportunity to challenge one another to prayerfully consider our individual involvement in our personal commitments to the Lord. While finances committed will enable us to build our new facility, our ultimate vision is to become fully committed disciples in all areas of life.

permanent investment

we never stop

That which we keep for ourselves can be lost, but that which we willingly give away can never be lost. The gifts you give for the purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom here will flourish and bear fruit as God adds His blessing to your faithfulness.

more information

we never stop

Indication of Giving

God enabling, I/we will make the following gifts to our Building Fund as indicated below. This commitment will be over and above any other giving to the church.

Section A

Three-Year Cash Gifts

Section B

Immediate Cash Gift

Section C

Non-Cash Gifts

Examples: Adam & Eve Smith or Eve Smith


Designation of your Building Fund gifts by using a marked giving envelope is suggested so that your specific intentions are carried out and will remain completely confidential.

PLEASE NOTE: Your commitment is not legally binding. Should your financial or economic circumstances change, you may revise your commitment at any time. Please notify Rich Heemstra of a changed commitment. This will help us make wise decisions about the future scope and timing of our building project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rich Heemstra at 773-550-3999 or