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Is Jesus King or Servant?

Road to the Cross
March 24, 2024 // Pastor John Hill

Jesus came to save us, but for his disciples it was unclear if Jesus was meant to save as a king who rules or as a servant who gives up his life. Today, the Church struggles with this same question and it effects how we are able to love God and others. Grow in your love for God and people this week and check out this message!

Sermon Discussion Questions
  1. Talk about a time that you disagreed with the way God did something in your life or felt impatient with God. 
  2. In your life, do you tend to think of God as a suffering servant or a powerful king? How does knowing that Jesus is both change your perspective on God? 
  3. How does your view of God impact your ability to love others AND call them to better? 
  4. If there was a spectrum on your view of God, where would you fall? Is he King, Servant, or both? 
  5. How can you mend your view of God to be both King and Servant?