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The Truth About Shame

Sorry I’m Late (I Didn’t Want to Come)
March 12, 2023 // Pastor John Hill

Studies show that introverts and extroverts handle shame differently; but neither of them handle shame biblically. Check out this message from Pastor John about how to truly manage shame and walk in freedom from anxiety and shame!

Sermon Discussion Questions

Reflect on What You’ve Heard:

  1. How do you deal with shame in your life? Like an introvert? Like an extrovert?
  2. Find a specific instance where you are dealing with shame right now. How specifically did your sin contribute to that feeling?
  3. How does confession work for you? Who is a Godly person in your life that you can confess to?
  4. Is walking in faith by receiving God’s forgiveness hard or easy for you? How have you struggled? What has helped?