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Have you ever read any of Bob Goff’s books?  His book “Everybody Always” was our favorite but we recently listened to his new book, “Undistracted”.  What Bob talks about in this book is how we can pull back from all the busyness, the craziness in our lives, because we can find purpose if we’re undistracted.    Distraction can separate you from people.  You can look like you’re present, but you really aren’t.  In our life group, we’re going to be watching the “Undistracted” videos and using a study guide.  We’ll talk about the stuff that really matters, while pushing the distractions aside.

We’ll follow the study part with eating a meal together!  Food is always good!  Couples and singles are welcome to join us!  Our first meeting will be on May 22nd, at 4 pm.

Monthly on Sundays at 4 pm

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Everyone Welcome, Married / Couples, Singles

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Leader’s Home


50 & up

Paul & Molly Ciancanelli

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